• Our Vision

    An evolution of craftsmanship and design


Visionary designer of the world’s finest impact resistant doors and windows

The evolution of a legacy as a master builder

Laszlo Wagner was already one of the premier builders in the hurricane-prone region of South Florida when he founded Luxbaum 15 years ago. Wagner combined his extensive experience in architecture, engineering, construction and customer service to create a company with a vision unlike any other: to build only the world’s finest impact resistant doors and windows.

Wagner’s commitment to employing exquisite techniques, using only the best materials, and constantly pursuing the path to perfection defines Luxbaum and its products.


Merbau. There is simply no other wood on earth like it.

With stunning strength, renowned rot resistance, and a structural stability not found in any other species of wood, merbau allows us to design larger wood windows and doors with thinner profiles — including units up to 13-feet tall.


Building the means to create a legacy.

Merbau is precious and cannot legally be exported in raw form from its country of origin. But Luxbaum turned what might have been a hurdle into an opportunity, by building a state-of-the-art factory right in the middle of the most abundant supply of merbau in the world – Bali, Indonesia.

What’s more, we employ Balinese craftsmen with woodworking lineages dating back centuries. These carpenters are intimately familiar with merbau’s properties, and are committed to continuing their proud heritage of wood manufacturing to the highest of standards required by Luxbaum.

They work on our production line, which employs cutting-edge German and Swiss machinery — and use only supplies manufactured at the finest factories in Germany and Italy.


It all has to work in concert.

The finest materials, construction, design, engineering, shop drawings, installation, service and warranty will not reach their full potential unless they all work together. If just one of these pieces is missing, the product won’t work as it should.

As part of a comprehensive quality commitment, Luxbaum prides itself in providing a superior customer service experience that pulls together all these elements. The result is a seamless experience of distinction when completing your project.


The details that matter most

Featuring multi-point locking systems, the best European hardware and the finest glass available, Luxbaum’s impact resistant doors and windows are built without compromise. They are created by some of the world’s foremost craftsmen and available in a multitude of configurations. We have the capability to create custom windows and doors to match any architectural vision.

Our utmost commitment to quality and attention to the finest of details put Luxbaum’s products in a self-defined class – unparalleled in the luxury window and door industry.


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