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    Impact Resistant French Doors

Impact Resistant French Doors

When it comes to making a statement via an architectural element, nothing quite matches up to the grace and style of a 12-foot-high, Luxbaum-built French door. By definition, French doors usually come in pairs, with glass panes that extend most of their length to let in a lot of light. So the large-sized doors we offer let you design with an emphasis on light in a variety of architectural solutions.

Backed by the unmatched elegance and durability of merbau, as well as Luxbaum’s commitment to the utmost quality of engineering, our windows and doors are some of the finest in the world. Let us build yours today.

We offer:

  • Single French doors
  • Double French doors
  • Single French doors with transoms
  • Double French doors with transoms
  • Single French doors with sidelights
  • Double French doors with sidelights

Our geometry includes:

  • Flathead
  • Circle-top
  • Elliptical
  • Segmented-arch
  • Full-circle
  • Quatrefoil
Wider per approvalTaller per approvalSubstitute approval (a)
Single Operable French Door
Medium Profilen/a3’ 3” x 12’ 2”4’ 2” x 8’ 2” or 3’ 8” x 10’ 2”
Standard Profile3’ 8 “ x 10’ 2”3’ 3” x 12’ 2”4’ 2” x 8’ 2” or 3’ 8” x 10’ 2”
Double Operable French Door:
Slim/Medium Profilen/a6’ 2 “ x 12’ 2”n/a
Standard Profile7’ 3” x 10’ 3”6’ 2 “ x 12’ 2”7’ 3” x 10’ 2”

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